Remake Your Home From the Inside Out

Discover home remodeling services in Greeley, CO

Is your home starting to feel boring? Farr's Home Repair and Renovation, LLC has the solution. Our home remodeling services can transform your dull surroundings into the home of your dreams. Whether you want to add a colorful backsplash or remodel an entire room, our team is the one to call.

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Gain a new room with a basement finishing project completed by Farr's Fix It Right

Do you need a little more space? There's plenty of square footage underneath your feet. Basement finishing can turn your unfinished basement into a:

  • Master suite: Add a bathroom and kitchenette to create a full guest suite.
  • Home office: Create a quiet, separate working space in your basement.
  • Bar and lounge: Enjoy a relaxing lounge with comfortable seating and low lighting.
  • Home theater: Watch your favorite movies and shows in your personal cinema.
  • Game room: Make your basement the most happening place in the neighborhood.

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